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Cosplay at Salt Lake Comic Con

Can't wait for Comic Con this September? Learn how to transform yourself into your favorite character with Randall Lloyd and Jen McGrew.
SALT LAKE CITY (Good 4 Utah) - Do you know what cosplay is? It literally comes from "costume play"a growing hobby with an even faster growing fan base. Cosplay is a big part of the Salt Lake Comic Con and it gives those that attend the chance to be creative, show off their design skills, and just geek out for a few days during the convention.

The organizers of Salt Lake Comic Con want to help their fans learn how to "play", so they are partnering with The Leonardo to have monthly classes to teach new fans how to transform themselves into their favorite hero or character.

The next class, "Adding Light to Cosplay", will take place Saturday, July 16th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at The Leonardo.

For more information about the classes and to register, click here.
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