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Clearing Up the Distracted Driving Law

The Utah Highway Patrol clears up questions about the new distracted driving law
It's been a few weeks now since the new law on using your cell phone in your car came out and many are still at little confused. We had Todd Royce from The Utah Highway Patrol come and let us know exactly what you can and can't do.

What You Can Do:
-Talk on the phone
-View GPS or navigation coordinates
-Use voice commands
-During a medical emergency
-When reporting a safety hazard or criminal activity

What You Can't Do:
-Send write or read text messages
-Send write or read instant messages
-Send write or read email
-Dial a phone number
-Access the Internet
-View or record a video
-Enter data into your handheld device

Overall, the Highway patrol is hoping that this new law will change driver's habits of cell phones in cars. 

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