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Chivalry In Your Relationships

Learn why chivalry isn't dead...it just might look a little different and how you can incorporate it back into your relationship
A man doesn't need to slay a dragon to show chivalry to their partner. Kirk Duncan from 3 Key Elements says that now more than ever women are strong and confident and don't need the protection from men they once did. What they do need is protection from the things they are afraid of like, scarcity, loss and the emotions they are dealing with. This can be done through conversation and really listening to what is going on with them. Women can still be independent but knowing their man is there to support them is the where the chivalry comes in. However, Kirk says women also need to allow their men to fulfill this role. 

So chivalry is not dead but just looks a little different these days. Kirk has some tools that every man can use to apply chivalry to his conversations with his partner. The main thing is to get out of fix-it mode and engage in conversation and listen. If they can do this they will find that their woman will cling to them and look at them like a hero. She will feel valued and it will be as though you picked up a sword and slew a dragon for her. He also reminds women to help remind their men to be chivalrous. They can wait at the door and allow their men the opportunity to open it for them. Allowing your man to take care of you in essence gives them their sword back and helps them feel like the protector and defender. For more tips and information your can visit: 3keyelements.com
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