BYU not worried about possible NCAA sanctions

BYU not worried about possible NCAA sanctions

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Sports) - BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall said he would be surprised if the NCAA handed down sanctions for self-reported violations committed by the football team.
PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Sports) - At BYU's annual media day, head football coach Bronco Mendenhall was feeling pretty confident that his team will not be hit with any major penalties for violations regarding improper benefits given to players. 

Because the team swiftly self-reported some unspecified violations, Mendenhall doesn't believe his team will face any severe sanctions.

"College programs all over the country self-report or have things that they find out and then report to the NCAA," Mendenhall said. "We've done the same thing. There was a report and we've investigated it. It was the fastest, most efficient and decisive reporting I've ever been a part of. We then sent it off to the NCAA and are waiting to hear what they say about it."

Asked if he believes NCAA penalties are forthcoming, Mendenhall said, "You never know. I'd be surprised if there is, but we'll see."

"Initially when it came out, everyone was talking about it," said senior safety Craig Bills. "But, we're just waiting for the NCAA to come back and let us know what's going on."

Whatever the NCAA decides, BYU players are not going to let the story become a distraction.

"That's none of our concern," said senior offensive lineman De'Ondre Wesley. "We can only do what we can control. We can only get on the field and play. We don't have any control over what the NCAA does."

"I'm not too sure what could happen," added junior quarterback Taysom Hill. "Those things would just be distractions to our preparation for the football season."

While these violations may be minor, it's become a big story because BYU has never been sanctioned by the NCAA before.

"I think simply because we hold ourselves to the very highest standards in college football, we go above and beyond what anyone else in the world does to be compliant," Mendenhall said. "That it might be a violation of any sort, I think that's just news because of our standards."

Mendenhall is also sticking by his comments that he'd like to join the Big-12 Conference rather than remain an independent. 

"I think ultimately our best place will be in a league to be included in the very top level of football and the top access to what a national championship might look like," he said. "Until then, I like where we are, and so all we're doing is continuing to position ourselves. Yes we do belong and yes we can beat these teams."

BYU opens the 2014 season August 29th against Connecticut.
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