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Bruce Hough for Father of the Year

Bruce Hough nominated as an honoree for the Father of the Year award
Most know of Julianne and Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars, but they may not know their dad, Bruce Hough, is nominated for the Father of the Year award.

The Regional Father of the Year Awards Dinners are hosted in 35 cities in America in collaboration between the American Diabetes Association and the National Father’s Day Council.. These dinners are to honor those fathers who strive to be the best example of the meaning of fatherhood and are seen as role models by, not only their families, but by their peers as well. They are community leaders and raise funds solely for humanitarian reasons. 

The honorees are helping sell tickets, tables and ads for the dinner to raise funds for help"Stop Diabetes".

The following fathers have been nominated for this year's award:
  • Bruce Hough 
  • Greg Miller 
  • Craig Zwick 
  • Allen Alexander

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