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At Home Handy Gal Tips

Use these Handy Gal tips around your home for quick and easy solutions to typical problems!
Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! These simple tips can help you get things done all around the house.

Shelf Liner
  • Open a jar
  • Keep pet messes to a minimum
  • Keep your pots in place and eliminate stains on your concrete

Clear Nail Polish
  • Paint on the bottom of metal shaving cream cans to avoid a ring of rust in the shower
  • Tighten loose knobs
  • Keep buttons on sweaters
  • Prevent chips on your car from spreading

Cooking Spray
  • Spray on wet nails to speed up dry time
  • Remedy squeaky hinges
  • Set a pan on your dishwasher door before you spray to avoid excess spray other places
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