A Frozen New Way to Lose Weight

A Frozen New Way to Lose Weight

A new innovative way to lose weight and reduce cellulite.
If you've tried just about everything to lose weight or reduce cellulite and are just about ready to throw in the towel, we may have a solution for you. Pure Organic Ice is an evidence based fat-reducing weight loss program that not only helps improve your physical appearance, but also works to increase both your energy and metabolism. The treatment, Pure Sculpt Body and Face freezes fat, sculpts, and tones your body and face in just one hour.

What does the treatment do?

•Helps get rid of areas with stored fat
•The treatment is applied and targets and targets areas which then triggers thermogenesis (burning fat cells)
•Fat cells start to die off and are naturally eliminated
•Noticeable results in just one hour, more results are visible after 24 hour

For more information on this treatment, visit their website or drop in and visit the salon at either of their locations:

Beaux Lash & Body
730 South Sleepy Ridge Drive Suite 211
Orem, Utah
(801) 935-5583

Le Chic a Belle Spa
7650 S redwood rd suite B
West Jordan, Utah
(801) 938-9158

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