Boundary battles in Salt Lake County

Boundary battles in Salt Lake County

Millcreek, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A long standing battle in unincorporated Salt Lake County could be on track for one final showdown.
Millcreek, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A long standing battle in unincorporated Salt Lake County could be on track for one final showdown.

Both sides agree it needs to be settled once and for all, the problem is there are different ideas on how to do that.

After living in Millcreek Township for 17 years, Mary Ann Matheson-Strong has a vision for the area she calls home.

"We have a dream for Millcreek. That we will have a legal voice, lower taxes and have an identity and protect ourselves from all these annexations and chopping us up," said Matheson-Strong.

About 1200 Millcreek residents are in the process of trying to annex into the City of Holladay now.

Matheson-Strong is taking a different approach.

Her organization, is picking up an effort that failed in 2012 to incorporate Millcreek into its own city.

"This mentality of us versus them, we've got to get past that. We live in a world where we've got to unify as a Salt Lake Valley," said Salt Lake County Mayor, Ben McAdams.

McAdams has been hosting town hall meetings and says township residents have brought up valid concerns, but he insists the best way forward is to stick together.

He's calling his plan the Salt Lake County Community Preservation Project.

He's seeking legislation to change state law.

The proposal would lock in the boundaries of unincorporated Salt Lake County, remove the requirement for city boundaries to run contiguous in the county and change the current government structure to create a municipal council, made up of representatives from the unincorporated townships.

"I think, from what I've heard in my conversations with residents they want to avail themselves of high quality regional services at the lowest possible price," said McAdams.

He says his plan is the best way to accomplish that.

Matheson-Strong says it’s an attempt to create one city with the unincorporated areas, leading to bigger government and Millcreek subsidizing other parts of the county.

"It's not good common sense to try to do services and politics with all these different areas and pockets," said Matheson-Strong.

She suggests annexing all other unincorporated areas into neighboring cities.

As for the effort to make Millcreek a city, she believes the tide is turning as people learn the truth about what she calls a “misleading campaign” against it in 2012.

“I've had many, many people come and say to me they wish they had voted differently. Their taxes were raised two days after election and that was a wake up call for some," said Matheson-Strong.

The mayor's bill is being drafted now, it will be presented in the upcoming legislative session.

If it is approved by the legislature it will go to a vote by the people. is in the early stages, but organizers are hoping to have it on the ballot by this November.

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