Bachynski brothers renew sibling rivalry

Bachynski brothers renew sibling rivalry

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - Utes center Dallin Bachynski will take on his older brother Jordan and the Arizona State Sun Devils Thursday night.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - It's the battle of the Bachynski brothers.

Dallin Bachynski and the Utah basketball team looks for its first Pac-12 road win of the year Thursday night against his older brother Jordan Bachynski and the Arizona State Sun Devils.

These two 7-footers have been competing against each other their entire lives growing up in Canada.

"Growing up, everything was a competition," said Dallin, a sophomore. "Whether it was eating, video games, basketball, friends or girlfriends. He always had to have the cuter one, so everything was a competition. It's a little different now because he has a wife, so he doesn't have to worry about that anymore."

As for the battles in the driveway?

"It kind of went back and forth," Dallin said. "If I was shooting well, I'd win. But a lot of times he'd get blocks and dunks on me, so it was back and forth."

In their only meeting against each other in college last season in Tempe, Dallin scored just one basketball against Jordan. But this season, Bachynski has become a much bigger part of the Utes game plan, and should see significant minutes against his older brother. Dallin is second on the Utes in field goal percentage, shooting 63 percent.

Jordan, who is third on the Sun Devils in scoring at 12.2 points per game, couldn't be happier for his kid brother, but he definitely won't be rooting for him tomorrow night.

"We definitely share scouting reports against UCLA or Stanford because my brother wants to see me succeed and I want to see my brother succeed," Dallin said. "As long as he's not beating me, I'm happy when he wins."

While the Bachynski brothers do talk often during the season, Jordan has been quiet this week.

"I've tried talking to him a little bit," Dallin said. "But he just ignores the questions. He'll be like, 'So, are you dating anybody?' He won't talk about [the game]. He's not giving up any secrets."

That's OK, because Dallin said he pretty much knows all of Jordan's moves, but his big brother may be in for a bit of a surprise.

"There are some things that I don't know if he knows," Dallin said. "I watch a lot of his games, so I do get to enjoy watching him play a little, but I'm also trying to get ready to play against him."

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