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Wesley Ruff - Who will win the Rivalry Game?

This year's game could go to "that team down south"
The Big Game is coming up this weekend...BYU vs Utah. Everyone wants to know who will win. I have some thoughts.

This year's contest will probably go to the Cougars. They are playing much better right now. They've looked pretty impressive in their 2 wins so far. The Utes...not so much.

Utah will be scrambling to get their offense untracked. And they'll be doing it with a new starting quarterback. That really doesn't bode well for them.

Plus, BYU's defense looks pretty good. Their linebackers are incredible, and for the first time in many years, the defensive backs look impressive. So I don't think Utah's offense (what there is of it) will be able to do much against BYU's D.

On the other side, Utah's defense is good, but Utah State was able to push them around, and BYU's offense is much better than the Aggies' offense. Again, that doesn't bode wll for the Utes. Unless they can find a way to stop Riley Nelson's scrambling while at the same time, shutting down BYU's talented receivers, its going to be a long night for the Utes.

The Cougars are hungry for payback, after last year's blowout loss in Provo, while the Utes may be a little tight, trying to avoid starting their season 1-2. The pressure is on Utah. The victory will belong to BYU.
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