Wesley Ruff - Who should be the A.L. MVP?

Wesley Ruff - Who should be the A.L. MVP?

Cabrera or Trout? I say it's no contest
There's some debate going on about show should win the American League MVP award, Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers or Mike Trout of the Angels. I say it's no contest. It's Cabrera.

Trout is a good story. He started the season in Salt Lake City playing for the Bees. He got called up on April 28th, and tore up the majors. He finished 2nd in the A.L. in batting average, behind Cabrera. He became the first player to hit over 30 HR's, have over 45 stolen bases, and socre over 125 runs. Impressive, especially when you consider he missed most of April while he was playing in the minors.

But Cabrera was better. He won the Triple Crown, becoming the first player since 1967 to accomplish that feat. He led the league in batting average, home runs and RBI's. That's impressive.

And what's more, he led his team to a division title and a spot in the playoffs. Trout didn't. End of story.

Cabrera should be the MVP.
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