Wesley Ruff - Twitter 1, Bronco 0

Wesley Ruff - Twitter 1, Bronco 0

BYU uniform name change caused a stir, then was changed.
Below was my blog I posted around 6:00, before things changed.

**Spirit passes to Tradition, who laterals to Honor, and gets a key block from another Tradition, and celebrates by high 5-ing yet another Honor.

Say what???

BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall stunned everyone-including his own team-by announcing there will no longer be player's last names on the back of the jerseys, but rather one of three names-Spirit, Honor, Tradition.

He wants everyone to know what BYU stands for, and what it's ideals are, but this seems like a bad move. The players were shocked, and most were not happy with the move. And the fans have overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to it on social media. 

I agree. It's just dumb. Fans won't know who is who out there. And how about the game announcers? That will cause all kinds of problems for the visiting TV and radio guys. I can't imagine they'll like it. Unless they're happy that they don't have to memorize as many names or worry about mispronouncing some of the Polynesian names.

Bronco apparently did not even clear this move with Tom Holmoe, the BYU athletic director. It's going to be interesting to see what the fallout is going to be, especially since the majority of fans seem to be against it. But Bronco says it will stay like this as long as he's coach. Good luck with that.

I don't mind putting those names on uniforms for a game or two, like Utah did with Military Appreciation Night. But c'mon. The fans want to know who's out there, the announcers need to know, and the players deserve to be recognized. I have a feeling BYU will take a lot of flack for this one.**

Well, BYU did take a lot of flack, and Bronco has decided (with help from his team) that they will only wear those jerseys for one game, the Homecoming game on Oct. 12th. The rest of the season they will have names on their backs, just like before. Seems like Twitter won this battle. The "tradition" and "spirit" of wearing your own name will, in fact, be "honor"-ed.
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