Dana Greene - Utah owns the rivalry

Dana Greene - Utah owns the rivalry

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Sports) - Utes fans will be dancing in the streets for three more years.
I am extremely sad to see the rivalry take a 2-year break. I love this game more than any other. Utah and BYU bring out the best and worst in people, and frankly, I love every minute of it.

But if this trend continues, it won't be much of a rivalry even when it does resume. This thing is getting pretty one-sided. Utah claimed its 4th straight victory over the Cougars this past weekend at LaVell Edwards Stadium, winning 20-13 in a game that wasn't as close as the score would indicate. That's now 9 out of 12 for the Utes, and its the second time in the last decade that they've won back-to-back games in Provo.

Once again, Kyle Whittingham out-coached Bronco Mendenhall. The Utes never let the Cougars offense get on track, forcing Taysom Hill to throw the ball 48 times. That is never a good sign for the Cougars, seeing how Hill has yet to complete even 40 percent of his passes in any game this season.

BYU went fast, went hard, and went nowhere. They ran 27 more plays than the Utes, yet gained just 41 more yards. They squandered opportunity after opportunity, scoring just one touchdown in the red zone. 

This new fast-paced offense may not be the right fit for the talent at BYU, but it's too late to do anything about it this season. It must be frustrating for BYU fans to watch their team hurry up to the line of scrimmage play after play, only to watch the team run into the middle of the line for a two-yard gain.

Utah had the better scheme, the better execution and the better players. I realize BYU is playing the season without two of their starting cornerbacks, but Utah lost its starting receiver Kenneth Scott for the year, and that offense hasn't skipped a beat with Anthony Denham and Sean Fitzgerald picking up the slack.

The Utes are deeper than the Cougars, and I believe the gap is only going to grow wider. As Utah brings in more and more Pac-12 caliber athletes, they will be able to use their size and speed to their advantage against their rivals, just as they have the last four years.

However, if BYU can find a quarterback even to the equivalent of a John Beck or a Max Hall, the Cougars will have a chance to even things out. But if they continue to throw guys like Jake Heaps, Riley Nelson and Taysom Hill out there, not only will BYU fall deeper in the rivalry hole, but Bronco Mendenhall will also be out of a job.

So yes, I will miss the rivalry. 2016 can't get here soon enough. But unless BYU improves its talent, scheme and execution, Cougar fans will continue to see red.
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