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Dana Greene: Come on! Get the Aggies ranked already!

19-1 and still unranked?
Utah State Univeristy (USU) Aggies
Utah State Univeristy (USU) Aggies
Okay, so the WAC isn't the ACC, but at 19-1, the USU Aggies are still unranked in the latest polls. The ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll had the Aggies on the verge at #27, but the AP poll had them listed seventh from the bottom of the 'receiving votes' category.

19-1 is a tie for the best record in all the NCAA men's basketball world.

That's the kind of record other teams ranked in the top 5 have.

As hundreds of Aggie fans lined up five hours early for the game with Nevada tonight, I say it's time the snobby east-coast-bias people get over themselves and get the team from Logan the recogition they deserve.

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