Dana Greene - Bronco made the wrong call

Dana Greene - Bronco made the wrong call

Bronco Mendenhall should have kicked the extra point and tie the game against Boise State.
I don't care how die hard of a BYU fan or Bronco Mendenhall fan you are, that was the wrong call.

Mendenhall should not have gone for a two-point conversion in the final minutes of BYU's 7-6 loss Thursday night at Boise State. He should have kicked the extra point, and everyone, except Bronco, knows it.

Of course, 20/20 is hindsight, and everybody is an expert after the fact. But I was saying even before Taysom Hill's pass fell incomplete that this was a crazy decision.

I understand that Mendenhall thought his offense, which just drove 95 yards for a touchdown, had the momentum. But the risk was not worth the reward.

Think about it. Even if it works and BYU takes an 8-7 lead, Boise State still has three minutes and 37 seconds left and two timeouts to move the ball downfield. If it fails, the game is essentially over. BYU had no timeouts, and Boise State needed just one first down to run the clock out, which it did. If BYU had all of its timeouts left, OK, that's a different story. But they didn't and the Cougars were helpless in stopping the clock. They probably should have tried an onside kick.

My point is, why put the entire game on one play?

The defense played incredibly. Give them a chance at the end of the game and overtime to help win it. Instead, the game was placed in the hands of a true freshman quarterback who was having trouble completing passes.

Plus, Boise State had no confidence at all in their kicker. If the game had gone to overtime, they probably would have gone for it on 4th down, and if the BYU defense would have stopped them, all the Cougars would have needed was a field goal to win it.

The bottom line is Bronco Mendenhall should have tried to extend the game. After committing five turnovers, it was a miracle that the Cougars were in the game at all, let alone have a chance to tie it and send it to overtime.

If this was a lower-tier bowl game, then by all means, go for it. But this game was extremely meangiful. It would have broken a long drought against a ranked team and possibly helped propel BYU back into the top-25 at some point.

Instead, the Cougars are 2-2 and staring squarely at the Poinsettia Bowl.

Who knows? Maybe they'll win that game with a two-point conversion.
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