Schroeder, Siva added to Jazz point guard list

Schroeder, Siva added to Jazz point guard list

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - Dennis Schroeder and Peyton Siva were among six players to work out for the Jazz Friday.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - The parade of potential Jazz point guards continued Friday, as German point guard Dennis Schroeder and Louisville's Peyton Siva were among six players to work out for Utah Friday.

Schroeder, a virtual unknown just a few months ago, saw his stock skyrocket after an impressive performance at the Nike Hoops Summit in April.

"I think the Hoops Summit helped me a lot," Schroeder said. "My agent told me it was a very important week. I tried to play very hard so I can show the scouts that I'm ready for the league."

At 6-1, 156 pounds, Schroeder needs to put on some weight, but he models himself after another think point guard, Boston's Rajon Rondo. Schroeder is explosive in driving to the bucket and prides himself on playing tight perimeter defense.

"The first thing I can bring to a team is defense," he said. "After defense, I just try to lead the team and try to bring everybody together."

Several mock drafts have Schroeder, who is only 19 years old, going to the Jazz with the #14 overall pick. He could also be available when the Jazz pick at #21.

Schraeder has spoken with the greatest German NBA player of all-time, Dirk Nowitzki.

"I asked him about the first year," Schroeder said. "He told me that it's very difficult to come here, especially from Europe. He told me to bring somebody with me, like my family, and he said it's very tough."

Schroeder knows the NBA game is very different from the style of basketball played in Europe, but he thinks his style is better suited for the NBA.

"In Europe, you play set plays all the time," he said. "In the NBA, you play a transition game, but I think the NBA fits me better than in Europe."

Having led Louisville to the national championship this past season, Peyton Siva has already played basketball on the big stage.

"Playing at Louisville, you pretty much played at a professional atmosphere," Siva said. "Our fans are crazy with like 22,000 fans yelling the whole time. Playing for a Hall of Fame coach (Rick Pitino), helps you get ready for the NBA."

Siva didn't have much time to celebrate Louisville's championship, because he was right back at work getting ready for the draft.

"My life hasn't really changed a lot because after the championship, I had to get right out to Vegas and start working out. So it was quickly back to business. I think the day we won, I celebrated, then got back home to enjoy it with the fans, but then got right back to work."

Knowing Utah's need for a young point guard, Siva thinks he would be a great fit for the Jazz.

"I think I can fit in," he said. "I'm a playmaker. That's one of my strong suits. I get a lot of guys open shots, and I know [the Jazz] have a lot of great big men and I know I can get them the ball. So, I think I can come in and fit in right away."

At just 6-feet tall, Siva doesn't think his size will factor into his sucess in the NBA.

"Height really doesn't matter," he said. "I have heart. I'm going to compete against anybody and I'm not going to back down against anybody."

We'll see if the Jazz were impressed enough by either Siva or Schroeder on June 27th. Utah owns the 14th, 21st and 46th overall selections.
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