BYU offense ready to take off

BYU offense ready to take off

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Sports) - Robert Anae's fast-paced BYU offense hopes to run a play every eight seconds this season.
PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Sports) - Just over two weeks away from the start of training camp, BYU fans are pumped up to see the Cougars new fast-paced offense in action. 

How fast will it be?

"Lightning fast is pretty close to how fast it will be," said offensive lineman Ryker Mathews. 

"My goal is to see the defensive players with their hands on their hips, tired, gasping, looking at us for mercy, saying, 'Please stop," said running back Jamaal Williams. 

Robert Anae has come back to BYU as the offensive coordinator, and he wants to run the fastest-paced offense in the country. The goal is to run a play every eight seconds, and for the offense to be ready to go as soon as the referee puts the ball down.

"To push the fatigue factor of the game, that's going to be our identity," Anae said. "We're not going to have time to huddle. It's our design to test your condition level."

With half of BYU's game being played at high altitude at LaVell Edwards stadium, an up-tempo offense can really play to the Cougars advantage.

"We want to run them into the ground and get them nice and tired," said wide receiver Cody Hoffman.

"There is nothing better than to line up, get a big deep breath of air, look over and see that guy with his head hunched over, trying to get some air," added Mathews.

We saw a glimpse of BYU's fast-paced attack during spring ball, but Anae was not satisfied. Still, the offense noticed a difference when going against their own high-powered defense.

"When they got tired, when we weren't subbing, the windows to throw the ball in and run the ball got much bigger," said quarterback Taysom Hill. "When guys get tired they start playing off, and it makes it easier on us as an offense."

"We were still having a little bit of trouble getting everything to go during spring," said Williams. "When it's game time, we're all going to be on the same page."

About to begin his first season as the starter, Hill says Anae's system fits his skill set perfectly.

"I think this scheme really suits my talents," Hill said. "It allows me to get out of the pocket where I can run, but I can also throw it. It's a run and gun thing, where you make a lot of really quick decisions. It's a really fun offense to be a part of."

The Cougar offense desperately needed an overhaul. With unsteady quarterback play last year, BYU ranked 60th in the country in total offense under Brandon Doman. Anae plans on changing that.

"We want to promote chaos, and we're going to push the envelope as far as we can go."

The danger is, if BYU goes three-and-out in under a minute, the defense has to get right back on the field and they could get worn down. So, the entire team has to be in top physical condition.

"It's rough," said Mathews. "[The offensive linemen] are carrying around 300 or 315 pounds, so it's hard to do. So, that's the biggest thing we've been working on this off-season is our conditioning."
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