Herriman lacrosse player battles back from leukemia

Clint Allred will play in the state title game one year after being diagnosed

RIVERTON, Utah (ABC4 Sports) - Last June, Clint Allred knew something was wrong.

""I was playing lacrosse, and I started to get super tired," the Herriman High senior defender said. "I was super worn down. My body was just covered in bruises."

After going to Primary Children's Hospital, Clint was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Just a junior in high school, Clint Allred had cancer.

"I get broked up about it still," said Bill Reading, program director for the Herriman lacrosse team and a cancer survivor himself. "There aren't words to express what kind of feelings you're going to. At the same time, I know what kind of guy Clint is, and it was like, he's going to fight this and he's going to get through it."

That's exactly what Clint did. Despite having to spend four months in the hospital while undergoing chemotherapy treaments, he kept his spirits up, dreaming about one day returning to the lacrosse team.

"I couldn't leave my room," Allred said. "So, I had to just make ways to stay busy. I'd play lacrosse against the wall. It was really motivating me. I had to find my why -- like why I was going to beat cancer, and why I wanted to get out of it healthy and lacrosse was a big reason."

"When I saw him in the hospital, he's doing push-ups and sit-ups in his room," Reading said. "I'm just like, he's going to be playing next year."

Just six months after being diagnosed, Clint was back on the field. He hasn't missed a single game this season, and is a big reason why Herriman is in the state title game Saturday against Northridge.

"I think he's probably the biggest motivational factor.," said Herriman senior and Clint's cousin Chase Jessop. "When he got cancer, I was pretty devastated. I didn't think he'd be playing again. So the fact that he's playing kind of makes me want to win it for him."

"It's an amazing motivation for the rest of the guys to be able to look at someone who has gone though so much and come back," said wenior lacrosse player Colt Bartnicki. "He's become one of the leaders on our team."

"I don't think he's lost a step," said Reading. "In fact, I think he's gained a couple."

Clint couldn't attend school at all during his senior year at Herriman, yet he still completed all of his class work in the hospital. So on June 1st, he will be able walk with his classmates during graduation ceremonies.

"I would do packets and packets a day," Allred said. "I just busted it out, and now I get to walk with my class, so I'm super excited about that."

Now in remission, Clint speaks to other kids with leukemia, showing them they can also beat this disease.

"I hope that those kids say that this can happen to me," he said. "I can beat this and I can come out here and do the stuff I love. At this time last year, I had cancer and I didn't even know it. So it just taught me to be super humble about everything that I have."

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