Grizzlies' defenseman has played hockey all over the world

Evan Stoflet spent two seasons with China Dragon before returning to the Grizz

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - The Utah Grizzlies have home games coming up tomorrow and Saturday. For defenseman Evan Stoflet, there's no place like home, although he's lived and played hockey all over the world.

"I've been here off and on for the past 10 years or so," said Stoflet, "I go overseas, and come back, I always find myself coming back home."

This is Evan Stoflet's 3rd stint with the Utah Grizzlies. He played in Denmark several years ago, and last year, he played in China. Most people don't even know there is hockey in China.

But Stoflet saw it first hand.

"They surprisingly do up north," he said, "we get 3,000, 3,500 fans which is pretty good, spread around between Beijing and Shanghai, which is not too many fans, but they're trying to build the game up with them getting the Winter Olympics."

The league had teams from China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. And the game was much last physical.

"No fighting, guys aren't running around trying to kill you as much, so it's a little bit different but its fun for sure," Stoflet said that living in China was much different too. "When I landed in Beijing for the first time it was real eye opening experience trying to get your way around, trying to get find some food that's edible, find some food that you like, you don't always know what you're eating, but we'd venture out into the city it was just kind of buyer beware...It was pretty funny because people aren't used to seeing non-Chinese people. So you'd be walking don the street and they'd be carrying their babies... they're waking them up to show the weird looking other people I guess, it was pretty entertaining."

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