Lost Dog - Olive

- Name: Evan Miozza
Phone: 801-647-6415
Email: motomadness_18723@yahoo.com

Lost Dog
name: Olive
date lost: Thanksgiving day 2AM
gender: Female
spayed/neutered: Unknown
age: 1year 3months
breed: Black Lab
collar: Just a black choker

area lost: West Valley, from the north/west corner of the park off of 3500south and 4400west. Thats the street behind the park running east and west.

Description: Olive is a very friendly Large Black Lab pup barely over 1 year old, she has brown eyes, with a super shiny black coat. I let her out thanksgiving morning at about 1:30 am. she wasn't even out for 30 min before someone stole her from our yard. She around 60 65Lbs very playful, She answers to her name to anyone that calls her. she might bark but has NEVER bit anyone, Loves kids! My 5 year old misses her. PLease someone has to have seen her.

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