Fraud investigation uncovers hundreds of pieces of evidence

WASHINGTON CITY (News4Utah) - Police in Southern Utah continue to investigate a huge fraud case they say went across multiple state lines. 
Evidence is still being uncovered from manufacturing and embossing tools to create fake drivers licenses, fake credit cards, checks, even social security cards.
"The list goes on and on. So this is a big case," said Police Chief Jim Keith with Washington City Police. 
What started with a report of a Washington City vacation property being rented with a fraudulent credit card has led law enforcement to uncover mass amounts of evidence. 
"There's over three hundred pieces of evidence of others individual information," said Keith. 
Three suspects have been arrested on various drug and fraud charges - 39-year-old Robert Sagarang , 31-year-old Diva Arias,  and 38-year-old Sarah Paloyo - all of California.
"They've been doing this for a while. This is very involved," said Keith.  The FBI and U.S. Postal investigators are now involved,  and evidence has been collected from throughout Utah, Colorado, and California.

"A lot of this is simply going and getting into people's mailboxes after the mail's been delivered, sometimes at night, I'm sure," said Keith.

"Most importantly we want the community members to know it is very critical that they do their part in protecting themselves. Take their identification and mail very seriously," said Keith.  The investigation is still ongoing, and law enforcement say they are certain additional charges will be added.  

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