Southern Utah

Summer water shortage anticipated in southern Utah

ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) - A drought is concerning those worried about water in southern Utah.

The Virgin River flow is anticipated to be 25 percent of normal this year.

"We're hoping we get some spring rain, and some summer rains that will help make up the deficit, but we are in a significant deficit right now," said Ronald Thompson, General Manager of the Washington County Water Conservancy District.

Thompson said although Sand Hollow Reservoir and Quail Creek Reservoir will be able to get Washington County through 2018, he says this drought could affect years to come. 

"What we save this year is available for next year, and we think that's important we take a long term view and that we need to use what we have wisely and save what we can," said Thompson.

Nathan King has been a landscaper for more than 20 years. Now the Irrigation Operations Manager with Mainscape, he says homeowners could save thousands of gallons with small changes like fixing a crooked sprinkler head. 

"One little thing, straightening it out, you could save 10,000 gallons in a year," said King. 

King says sprinkler systems that help conserve are available and so are rebates for those who use them. 

"Do your part. Do a little research. A homeowner could save about 50,000 gallons per year by switching to high efficiency nozzles, pressure reducing heads, and a smart controller," said King. 

"Time of day watering restrictions  as we move into the summer for all of our communities and we certainly want to use our water as wisely as we can," said Thompson. 

The Water District offers free water checks for residents in Washington County. They'll do an audit and see what you can do to save water. 

You can sign up for a visit at

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