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Lunch Recipe Three: Yucatan Delight

This can be transformed into a breakfast dish too if you love it that much!
Yucatan Delight

•2 small whole-wheat tortillas
•2 slices of deli ham (or turkey)
•Sliced manchego cheese (substitute with any white cheese)
•1 avocado
•Course sea salt
•Cracked black pepper

1.Lie one tortilla directly onto an unsprayed frying pan on the stove on medium-low heat
2.Add a layer of meat, add a layer of cheese and top with the other tortilla
3.Cook tortilla as desired and flip
4.Once cooked, mash up an avocado as chunky or smooth as you want and spread on one side of the tortilla
5.Top the avocado spread with course sea salt and cracked black pepper

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