Fresh Juicing

Dave Prows shows you how easy it is to make fresh, delicious juice!

Juicing up

Berry BombAppletini
Apples 2 large
Apples2 medium
Lime½ fruit
grapes red1 bunch
Strawberries3 cup whole
Pineapple1 cup

Minty Berry
Blueberries2 cup
Kiwifruit2 fruit
Mint5-10 leaves

Baja Banger
Apples2 medium
Cilantro1 bunch
Cucumbers2 each
Lime (with rind)½ fruit
Pepper bell½ medium fruit

Lemon Ginger Zing
Apples2 medium
Carrots2 medium
Ginger½ thumb
Lemon with rind½ fruit

Green Ginger Ale
Apples3 medium
Celery2 stalk
Cucumber1 each
Ginger1 thumb
Lime1 fruit

Dirty Dave
Apples2 each
Grapes Red1 bunch
Pear1 each
Orange1 orange
Ginger¼ thumb
Spinach1 cup

Add 1 probiotic plain yogurt and 2 cups ice with 16 oz juice. Blend on high until smooth

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