Witness: 'He came in, shot it and just stood there'

15-year-old arrested for shooting inside Bountiful Jr. High

BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4 Utah) -  Dan Fowers sat his desk preparing for his first class when something caught his attention.

Fowers is a student at Mueller Park Jr. High in Bountiful.

"The bell rang and then he came in with a shotgun, " said Dan Fowers.

It was a 15-year-old classmate.

"All of a sudden we heard a loud bang," said Jordan Walton who was in the next classroom.

It caused students to stop what they were doing.

"We all thought it was like a drill because we usually have a lot of those drills," said Riley Harwood who was also in a different room.

But back in the science class, Fowers and others knew it was the real deal.

"I was in the science class when he shot it," Fowers said. "It was all so sudden."

It was his first period and was shuffling some books and papers.

"I was working on something," he said. "I heard the gun reload.  It was a shotgun.  He shot it up in the ceiling and I was so just in shock and got under the desk and covered.

He managed to text his dad during the ordeal.

"(He texted) 'where were you when it happened?" said Dave Fowers.

His father continued reading some of the texts that were exchanged.

"Were you close?  I can't tell you right now.  I am sorry.  Okay.  Is that a rule by the school, police?  Police. Id love you, love you too," said his father.

Meanwhile tension was mounting inside the classroom.  The students said they knew from previous school drills what to do.

"Our teacher closed all the blinds, locked both doors," said Olivia Devey. "We have a kitchen with our doors, so we locked the doors and everybody took down and sat on the floor."

And parents arrived after learning of the danger.

"My daughter texted me saying that they were on lock down and that it wasn't a drill," said Suzanne Ratto.

But for Dan Fowers, he was still in a corner of the science class.

"He didn't say anything," said Fowers. "He just came in, shot it and then stood there and then lowered the gun in his hands.  "His mom, I'm assuming it's his mom just grabbed the gun and threw it and pulled him into the hall."

That's when police arrived and arrested him.  The police chief said the 15-year-old had a shotgun, revolver and two boxes of ammunition.  Chief Tom Ross said the boy was not targeting anyone.  He also said prior to being subdued the teen put the shotgun to his neck

 "He did not say anything to anyone in the classroom," said Chief Ross. "A teacher and student engaged in him verbally in trying to talk him out of it.  I believe those seconds played a big role in the outcome today providing sufficient time for the parents who were at the school looking for him and were able to get into that room and actually apprehend their son and remove the weapon.

The 15-year-old is in a juvenile detention center and was booked on several felonies including bringing a weapon into a school.

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