Wife of Eric Ellsworth: "You are the man of my dreams"

Hundreds attend funeral for Trooper Eric Ellsworth

OGDEN Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Janica Ellsworth vowed to carry on for her three sons.
Ellsworth, the wife of Trooper Eric Ellsworth broke her silence following the tragic death of her husband in Box Elder County.

Hundreds of law enforcement from across the state and neighboring Idaho and Nevada attended the funeral at Weber State University.

Trooper Ellsworth was killed while attempting to ward off traffic when a downed powerline obstructed a state highway near Gardner.  The 32 year old Ellsworth was a seven year veteran of the Utah Highway Patrol and a second generation trooper.

"I will try my best to be brave and be there for you," said Janica Ellsworth directing it to their  three sons. " (I want you) to have a good and fun and comfortable life."
Ellsworth also spoke to her husband during her five minute address at the funeral.

"You are now more than ever, the man of my dreams," she said.

But she also admitted her life will be difficult especially when the day comes to an end.

"I will stand tall and be there for you," she said. "(But) I will cry at night to an empty bed."
Ellsworth's brother called Janica and Eric "the perfect couple."

"As perfect as you could get," said Mike Ellsworth. "(They) could do the simplest things and have fun."

He said his brother would want him to speak of his belief in the gospel.  Mike Ellsworth said Eric believed that the Savior and service went "hand in hand."

"Eric loved our Savior Jesus Christ and strived to be like him," his brother said.

Governor Gary Herbert also spoke at Ellsworth's funeral calling him a hero.

"(He's) a hometown hero," said the governor.  "(He's) someone we should try and emulate in our own life."

And that's how Sgt. Shane Nebeker saw him, always wanting to be in the middle of things and doing something.  He said his family was the most important part of his life.

"Thank you for sharing your daddy with us," Sgt. Nebeker told Ellsworth's three sons Ian, Bennett and Ollie. "He was a good man."

He said anytime Ellsworth requested time off it was to be with his family.   But Sgt. Nebeker said Ellsworth had a sense of humor and sneak up on troopers who sat in their cars late at night.

"(His) face plastered to the window," he said.

Governor Herbert spoke of their religious belief that families will reunite once more.

"I don't believe this is the end," the governor said. "We will meet again."

During a video presentation of Trooper Ellsworth a recording of a voicemail was played.  It was of Trooper Ellsworth leaving a message to his wife Janica.

"Hey girl, I love you," Ellsworth said. "I love our boys, love you.  Bye."

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