Staheli West hay steamer born from unlikely circumstance

Inspiration and innovation can come at any time, including when out ordering a taco.

Staheli West is a manufacturer of a specialty hay bailer, one of only a few of its kind in the farming industry. The DewPoint steamers collect and steam hay at a precise temperature and moisture so that it is perfect to be used in all the things we love like milk, ice cream, cheese and beef.

The DewPoint technology originated when Dave Staheli saw a tortilla being steamed at a TacoTime restaurant. Grabbing a pressure cooker and tinkering with it, he produced hay at the perfect dew point. This would keep Dave from having to rise everyday early in the morning trying to catch his fields at that exact dew point needed for ideal hay, and it would thus create the Staheli West DewPoint Hay Steamer.

Staheli West’s hay steamers greatly impact farms everywhere and the local economy of Cedar City. These unique hay bailers require manufacturing from a team of 24-26 full-time workers as well as welding and powder coating companies.

Now shipping hay steamers around the globe and as far as Argentina and Australia, Dave Staheli still can’t believe it all started in a taco shop.

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