Provo based software school turns regular joes into tech professionals

UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A local software engineering school is turning regular joes into full-blown professionals in just 12 weeks.  To learn how DevMountain does it, ABC 4 Utah's Ali Monsen went to check out the Provo campus.

Creative juices were flowing as DevMountain students Charlie Murphy and Ruston Reformado took five to bounce ideas off each other over a good game of ping pong.  They are a couple of guys, who -- like a lot of twenty-somethings these days -- want to actually enjoy their work. 

"I had worked the previous three years in banking... I was looking to change careers," Reformado said. 

"I was looking to change careers..." Murphy nodded.  "I saw the lives the developers had, and I just kind of decided it was time to make a change." 

That is how the soon-to-be software engineers found DevMountain.

"It seems like programming would really open a lot of doors for me," Reformado smiled. 

 A private school and coding boot camp, the intensive training courses expedite education by giving students hands-on experience they can use now. 

"We don't focus so much on the theory and the lecturing.  We focus on actually building and creating and doing," said DevMountain Founder Tyler Richards. 

Richards says it is all about customizing the curriculum to each student's needs, from designing websites to developing apps and everything in-between. 

Mentors work one on one with the various cohorts to make sure they are ready to hit the workforce by the end of the 12-week course.

"They have to meet certain level and experience and skill sets to be able to badge at DevMountain... All the tech companies here are just exploding right now, and they all need talent, and these graduates are going to fill those spots," Richards explained. 

The millennial-minded entrepreneur can clearly grow a business.  In four years, his successful startup has graduated more than 1,600 students, expanded to Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Dallas, and also produced major talent for big names like Nike, Marvel Comics, and Vivint Solar.

"Programs like DevMountain make it possible for us to take a chance on entry-level talent..."  said Nic Johnson, Software Group Director of Vivint Solar.  "From there, they're very valuable assets to the company."

Whether the program's success stems from the free housing that comes with the cost of tuition or the calming campus vibes, the local company is innovating education while improving technology we all touch every day.

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