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Homegrown crutch company Millennial Medical goes global after News4Utah story

News4Utah first introduced viewers to Millennial Medical a few months ago when the St. George-based business known for designing uniquely shaped crutches appeared on the 10pm news.  

"[Since then] I've seen a lot more shipments going out..." said Millennial Medical owner David Osmond.  "It kind of gave us that credibility," he explained.  

Turns out, the right people tuned in to that segment at the right time, including important players at World Trade Center Utah (WTCU).  

"It was actually on the show that they were highlighted that we saw them and first came to know about them and reach out to them," explained Derek Miller, President/CEO of WTCU. 

The international trade consultant just so happened to be searching for a successful Utah company ready to expand throughout the world, "to get faster, to get better, and to get more competitive," Miller says. 

Osmond says that that is exactly the step he wanted to take with his one-of-a-kind crutches.  

"I got the okay on Tuesday, and I flew out on Friday," he recalled.  

Soon, Osmond found himself shaking hands with 4,000 of the world's leading business owners at the Arab Health Show in Dubai. 

 "We made some great contacts there, we made some sells, we actually just had a guy from Saudi Arabia reach out to us... and said, 'Let's get this distribution going in Saudi Arabia!'" Osmond smiled.  

Now, the medically superior crutches -- already popular in professional sports -- continue catching on around the world. 

"We have an ergonomic handle... we have the cradle, we have the shepherd's hook shape..." Osmond said, pointing out his products' unique medical advantages.  "What's really important is down at the base.  We actually have a spring built right in," he explained.  

It is innovative concepts like these that officials say WTCU taps into to help companies think, act, and succeed globally. 

"If you're a company -- a small business owner -- and you're thinking about expanding, you don't have to guess where to go..." Miller said.  "We can help you look at the data and help you figure out where there is a market for the product that you make or the service that you provide," he explained.  

 The best part?  The services are all free!  It is just one of many perks of doing business in the fastest growing economy in the country, and if that is not a Utah Success Story, we do not know what is. 

"This is a Utah product, and we've grown it, so we're now selling worldwide," Osmond said.  

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