Ever wondered where "the cloud" is located?

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) - Criss-crossed cords, a surplus of storage, and a security system that seems straight out of a Sci-Fi film -- that is what Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and other Utahns found during their recent tour of the Strata Networks Data Center

Situated right off Main Street in Roosevelt, the massive facility provides phone, TV, and super speedy fiber internet services to about 8,000 square miles of Northeastern Utah and Northwestern Colorado -- an area known as the Uintah Basin. 

"What we provide is that basic connection," said Strata Networks Community Affairs Director Tyler Rasmussen. 

That basic connection is what now allows people and businesses to safely store huge amounts of data.  So called "techies," like Cox, call Strata Networks "the cloud." 

"The cloud is here.  The cloud is in data centers, like this data center, where there are servers, and your information is transported via the internet to these servers, where it's stored," Cox explained. 

So, how does such an important part of most of our lives end up in rural Utah? 

"This data center is one of the securest, safest locations you can find," said Strata Networks CEO Bruce Todd. 

Todd says actually, there is no place better!

"We do not have the earthquakes, the hurricanes, tornadoes.  It's an area with fairly low humidity, so equipment works well," he explained, adding that because of that, everyone wins. 

On top of the businesses the broadband internet speed attracts to the Uintah Basin, the facility itself gives about 200 people high-paying jobs.  It also makes higher education accessible through telecommunication. 

"We are very closely connected to the rest of the world..." said Sylvia Wilkins, Economic Development Director for Uintah County.  "You can get certificate, Bachelor's, even up to a Doctorate Degree right here in the [Uintah] Basin." 

Plus, as technology advances, so does health.  This low-key area of Utah is offering sophisticated telemedicine care that connects patients with specialized doctors immediately.  

Strata Networks employees list layers of implications for our homes, businesses, and bodies in the future.  From flying cars to small devices implanted into bodies that could warn people before a heart attack, Rasmussen says those kinds of technologies are all in the works right now. 

While the possibilities are endless, one thing is for sure:  All these solutions will need a connection, and connecting lives is what Strata Networks has done best since 1953.  

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