University of Utah murder suspect shot at a 2nd victim

Police: Austin Boutain wanted no witnesses

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) -  Austin Boutain wanted to make a clean getaway and didn't want any witnesses.
A probable cause statement filed by University of Utah police detectives made that claim in documents filed with the Salt Lake County Jail.

Boutain "admitted to shooting (ChenWei Guo)" Monday night, the probable cause statement said.  
University of Utah police said Guo was in his car during the botched carjacking near the Red Butte Gardens.  
But new information showed Guo was with a female.  

"Boutain fired two more rounds at (second victim) as she ran away with intent to kill her so there were no witnesses,"  police said.

The 24-year old murder suspect also told police he had stolen three firearms from a residence in Colorado.  Police did find one of the weapons, the probable cause statement said.  Boutain claimed he traded one firearm to an unarmed person for marijuana.
He told police the other weapon used in the homicide was "hidden in a crevice of a brick wall near the homeless shelter." 

Boutain told police he returned to where the hidden weapon was but it was gone.

Austin and Kathleen Boutain are wanted for questioning in a murder investigation in Golden Colorado.  Tuesday, the Golden Colorado police chief called them persons of interest. Salt lake police claimed the Boutains were driving a pickup truck from Golden Colorado. 

They called police in Colorado to do a welfare check and discovered the body of 63-year old Mitchell B. Ingle.  Colorado police and a prosecutor were seen at the University of Utah police headquarters late Tuesday.

Boutain took University of Utah police detectives to to a makeshift camp where he and Kathleen Boutain were staying in the Red Butte Canyon. Police found the holster from missing handgun which was used in the homicide, the probable cause statement said.  Police said they also found spent cartridges from the missing weapon. 

Boutain's wife, Kathleen was jailed early Tuesday for drug possession.

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