Woman Spends Her Time Helping the Homeless Feed Their Pets

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) One woman makes it her mission to help homeless people and veterans take care of their pets, knowing sometimes this is the only companionship some of these individuals have.

Every Sunday from noon to one Margie Varela shows up near the northwest corner of Pioneer park to help distribute food, supplies, harnesses, leashes and collars to those who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

Varela says this is her mission, her way of going to church and her congregation is the homeless and their pets.

She knows all too well how critics wonder why homeless people should even have pets, after all they do not have the means to even take care of themselves. But, Varela says some people do not even choose to be on the streets and their animals are sometimes all they have. She recognizes that pets make good companions, especially for those who suffer with mental illness and other disorders, these dogs are their world and helps them when they are alone at night.

Varela has been doing this for about a year and have served hundreds of pets. She relies on donations through her Facebook page and word of mouth. So many homeless individuals are grateful for her kindness.

Valela says it gives the homeless to feed their dogs something nourishing as a lot of dogs don’t have that due to their owners not having enough money.

Varela wants others to have her cell phone number so that anytime they cannot feed their animals, she can lend a hand to help. If you know of anyone who would benefit by Varela’s services, she urges you to call her at 801-671-7374. 

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