What's the most dangerous city in Utah?

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - You may live in one of Utah’s most dangerous cities and not even know it.
According to a new report by RoadSnacks on Utah’s 10 most dangerous cities, South Salt Lake was ranked number one. The information in their report is based on FBI data over the last 3 years.

"There's some other areas in the valley that I kind of wonder at times if it’s a good idea to be in, but South Salt Lake hasn't been a problem for me," said Bruce Fereday, who lives there.

Fereday said he’s no stranger to being a victim of crime but he is surprised that South Salt Lake is at the top of the list. South Salt Lake police are also taken back. 

"As with anything with statistics, they can be made out to be anything you want them to be whether they be positive or negative.  All I can say is, this is a very community-involved city," said Officer Mitch Howard with South Salt Lake Police. 

The RoadSnacks report states in 2014 alone, South Salt Lake residents had a 1 in 121 chance of rape, murder, or assault.  However, police say South Salt Lake’s number one crime is property theft.

"Most of these are crimes of opportunity.  People leaving things in their car in plain view that give the opportunity to commit a crime," said Officer Howard. 

South Salt Lake is not alone. Other cities that made the list include our capital, which comes in at number two. Ogden is the third most dangerous and West Valley City is the fourth.  

Just last week, West Valley Police Department spoke about their city’s spike in homicides over the last year. On average they see three per year. Last year, they saw nine. 
“When you see a number jump up like it has, expecting three and now all the sudden you have nine, three times that number, you want to understand what's driving this, any particular theme or problem," said West Valley Chief of Police Lee Russo. 

Police say no city is guaranteed to be safe.  Surprisingly, the fifth most dangerous city listed is Park City. 

"There's crime everywhere but they have to remember, we're here for the community," said Officer Howard. 

For the complete list of Utah’s 10 most dangerous cities, click here. 

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