Utah lawmaker wants to loosen DC's grip on federal agencies

Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – One member of Utah's congressional delegation is taking a new approach to breaking up Washington D.C.

Representative, Jason Chaffetz wants to move federal agencies out of the area.

He introduced a resolution to get the ball rolling.

"Why should just The Greater Washington D.C. area get all the financial benefit of a government? Now, I hope to shrink the government, but when its spending $4 trillion maybe that should be a little more spread out," said Chaffetz, (R) Utah. 

He says the way to do that is to move federal agencies to other parts of the country, where it makes sense to house them.

"The security apparatus should probably stay here in D.C., but maybe the Department of Interior should come to Utah, maybe the EPA could be in a different state, maybe the Department of Transportation could be in Los Angeles."

Chaffetz introduced House Resolution 38, Divest DC.

It's the first step in gaining support for his idea.

State Representative, Brian King says it could make sense in some cases, but he questions the motive, wondering if it's more about moving control to the states.

"That may be justifiable, it may be advisable, it may be a smart thing to do in some situations, but I don't think it's true necessarily across the board," said King, (D) Salt Lake City.

Chaffetz says it's not about shifting control, but moving decision makers out of a bubble and closer to the impact they can have.

"I think the country wants a more reflective government and if you are going to do that lets have employees from all over the country," said Chaffetz.

Chaffetz says the goal is to slowly build momentum.

He does think he can gain bipartisan support, because lawmakers on both sides will be interested in having those jobs in their districts.

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