UDOT: Give Snowplows Their Space

Another driver caught on camera cutting off a snowplow

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Dramatic dash camera video from the Utah Department of Transportation shows just how important it is to give snowplow drivers plenty of space on the roads. 
On January 5th someone driving a white car attempted to pass a snowplow by using the shoulder of the road as leverage. The driver then cut off Grant Johnson, who has been driving for seven seasons with UDOT, just past the 31st Street Northbound on-ramp in Ogden.
"I barely saw him out of the corner of my eye come shooting by and I hit the brakes and he slid out into traffic and it was really fortunate that he didn't die right there," explained Johnson.
Johnson, who told ABC4 Utah that he keeps a dash camera in his vehicle for liability reasons, said he's lucky to be alive.
"He risked his life, my life and everyone else that was on the freeway that day."
UDOT Region One tweeted out the video two days after another video involving a snowplow in Spanish Fork, was pushed off the road and down a 300 foot cliff.
Terry Jacobson, who has been driving snow plows for over 20 years, was driving westbound on U.S. 6, when a semi-truck approached him on the right and clipped the right wing of his snow plow, which sent him rolling down the embankment. Jacobsen was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.
"That was a very bad situation," said Vic Saunders, Communications Director, UDOT Region One. "This one could have been equally bad in another way so were fortunate that it turned out okay for everybody involved."
This year there have been five accidents involving snow plows.
Officials are urging drivers to slow down, give the plows room, and never pass them.

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