Rep. Stewart calls on FBI to hold leakers accountable

Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – The directors of the FBI and NSA were on the hot seat Monday, answering questions about possible Russian interference and ties to the Trump campaign.

James Comey and Mike Rogers were grilled for hours by the House Intelligence Committee.

University of Utah Law Professor and International Security Expert Amos Guiora says the two were cautious, but clear in their public testimony.

"From the FBI's perspective there's enough information to warrant, justify an investigation, and I think that in and of itself is pretty serious," said Guiora.

Comey confirmed for the first time the FBI is investigating Russia's meddling in the 2016 election and collusion.

Representative Chris Stewart sits on the committee. He told his colleagues an investigation doesn't equal guilt.

"We in the committee have seen no evidence, zero that would indicate that there was collusion, or criminal wrong doing between members of the campaign and Russian officials," said Stewart, (R) Utah.

Stewart also called on the FBI  to find whoever leaked classified information tying former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to Russian officials.

He says they are cowards and need to be held accountable.

"They won't stand up and make their case, they won't use the legal process. They hide behind some New York Times reporter, and without showing who they are, or actually showing the information they have," said Stewart.

Guiora says there is a bigger issue, and that's getting to the bottom of possible ties with Trump and Russia.

He says leaks are inherent to Washington.

"I don't think that any administration is leak proof, and clearly this administration is not leak proof," said Guiora.

Director Comey also confirmed the FBI has no evidence to support President Trump's Tweets claiming Trump Tower was wire tapped under former President Obama.

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