Huntsman joins Romney as Secretary of State candidate

Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – As President Elect, Donald Trump continues to roll out his new team there's still no decision on Secretary of State.

In fact, the short list is getting longer.

"It is true that he's broadening the search, and Secretary of State is an incredibly important position for any president to fill, and he is very fortunate to have interest among serious men and women," said Trump Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway. 

Additional candidates include former Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman Jr.

"I'm on it. I'm honored and thrilled to be on that list, but in terms of any formal meetings, nothing at this point," said Huntsman.

That puts him in the mix alongside his rival, Mitt Romney.

Matt Canham is the Senior Managing Editor of the Salt Lake Tribune, owned by Huntsman's brother, Paul.

He's also Co-author of Mormon Rivals.

He says the families go way back, and it was 2002 when the relationship took a turn.

"In 2002, during the Winter Games you had both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman vying to run those games. Mitt Romney obviously got that job, Jon Huntsman didn't," said Canham.

The rivalry was fueled in the 2008 when Romney sought the Republican nomination for president.

"Everyone just assumed that Mormons and Utahns would support Mitt Romney, but Jon Huntsman Jr. did not. He backed {John} McCain and backed McCain early," said Canham.

And again when both ran in 2012.

"There was some back fighting between those two, it was bitter. Politics can often be personal, but because of their history this was even more personal," said Canham.

Now there could be a new chapter of Mormon Rivals, but the clash between two of Utah's most prominent families likely won't end with Trump's selection for Secretary of State.

"I look at this rivalry as something that might actually end up being generational," said Canham.

Huntsman was not critical of Trump the way Romney was on the campaign trail.

He did say Trump should step aside when the tape was released, but he never said he wouldn't vote for him.

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