Festival of Trees Opens Wednesday to 46th Annual Event

More Than 700 Trees Auctioned Off To Benefit Primary Children's Hospital

SANDY, UT (ABC4UTAH) -- The Festival of Trees kicked off its 46th annual event Wednesday at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.

All the trees and displays are donated and the money raised benefits Primary Children's Hospital.

More than 700 Christmas trees are on display and will be auctioned off.
100% goes to Primary Children's Hospital.

There are rows and rows of elaborately decorated themed Christmas trees. From Frozen, to cars racing up and down the tree, to gorgeous cabin themed trees, there is something for everyone.

Most of the festive trees have a personal story behind it.

Friends created a Charlie Brown Christmas tree for survivor Abby Ward.

This past summer, weeks before the 19-year-old was set to leave on her LDS mission to Sweden, Abby fell 70 feet off a cliff at Little Cottonwood Canyon and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Today we met her at her tree that she got to see for the first time.
Abby Ward, "oh my gosh I can't believe someone made this for me."

Abby spent 6 weeks in a coma.
She had everything going for her including a full scholarship to college as she was studying chemistry. She's pianist, photographer and artist.
Much of it it has been put on hold as she tries to re-program her brain to walk and talk again and even play the piano.

Janie Ward, mother, "I'm grateful she is here with us. It's a miracle I know it's a miracle. That makes two of us. It's been a hard 4 and a half months. Seeing her improvement everyday is amazing it makes it all ok."

All the money raised from the Festival of Trees will go directly to Primary Children's Hospital, the very place Abby did her rehab.
Abby, "thank you so so much. It's incredible."

Janie Ward, mother "we've been overwhelmed of the love around us, that's what got us through this terrible ordeal yeah."
Abby says she can't wait to hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon again.
The Festival of Trees runs through Saturday, then the trees will be delivered on Sunday.
Tickets are 6 dollars and 3 dollars for children.

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