Event offers Rare Glimpse into the Ceremonies of Utah Masons

Utah Masons Open Installation Ceremony to the Public

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - A rare glimpse inside the Masonic temple in salt lake.  A place considered by many to be secretive.  But this weekend they opened their doors to our cameras and questions. Beginning with "what is a Mason?"

Robert Wolfarth was installed as the new grand master for 2017 in ceremonies steeply rooted in tradition and history. Wolfarth told ABC4, “(A Mason is) a man who has looked inward and decided that he is a good man and he wants to become a Better man. So he is looking for how can I improve myself. How can I become a better man and ultimately, hopefully therefor to improve the world around me? That’s a Mason.”

Wolfarth tells us he's not LDS, but he's heard that many of the Masonic rituals are similar to those performed in LDS Temples. And what about claims that the Masons are secretive. Wolfarth says, “It’s certainly a private organization. I would not call it a secretive one by any means. Most Masons are more than happy to tell you that they are a Mason. They wear rings on their fingers, they'll have bumper stickers, baseball caps that show they are a Mason. Yes there are some aspects of it that we do behind closed doors. But we're neighbors, we're here to help the community. We're not at all trying to hide.”

As if to emphasize that point we were shown all the various rooms and art work in the historic building on South Temple.

The Masons are heavily involved in charity, most notably Shiners Hospital. And what about politics? What do they think of the new president? Wolfarth tells us, “There are as many answers to that question as there are Masons. Masons come from a wide variety of political backgrounds and religious backgrounds. So each one is gonna have a different answer to that .We simply look for our members to be good people in their hearts.”  

And mark this on your calendar if you'd like to tour the Masonic Temple. Every year they hold an open house on the first Saturday in May.

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