Cache County Expected to see Worst of the Flooding

CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) State and local officials are keeping their eye on Cache County for flooding issues as warm temperatures begin to melt nearly two feet of snow. Problems could still be on the way over the next couple of days.

Utah Department of Transportation has been handing out sandbag for anyone who needs them along the Wasatch Front. Spokesperson John Gleason said they are keeping a watchful eye on Cache County because of the amount of rain hitting the area.

"They have more than two feet of snow in some areas," said Gleason. "With all the warm up's it means that snow has to melt and it has to go somewhere."

Driving in Logan much of the water is on the roadways, but city workers have been clearing drains as issue come up.

Logan Public Works Director Mark Nielsen believes the storm didn't hit as badly as first predicted. He notes in situations like this it's not the rivers they have to worry about.

"The smaller canals that are used for irrigation in the summer they're full of snow and ice so there is very little capacity," said Nielsen. "Yet all of our drainage form snow and stuff drops right into those canals."

As a part of their preparation crews helped clear out the canals over the weekend. Logan isn't use to winter flooding because normally it's so cold it melts slowly over time.

Nielsen notes that the rain and warmer temperatures over the next couple of days could still cause them serious issues.

"I think we will have the same issues we had today going forward until this weather kind of passes and we bring some sunshine back," said Nielsen.

With standing water on the roads being the biggest issue so far, Nielsen said they've been able to manage things well. He said residents calling in standing water or flooding has been their biggest asset. Often times it's just a clogged or covered drain which crews can quickly fix.

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