Body of missing West Bountiful man found

Was found shortly after 9am this morning


The Tooele County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that the body of missing West Bountiful man John Page was found shortly after 9 am this morning. 

His body was found about 2 miles southwest from where is car was found on a rocky slope near the Tooele/Box Elder County line. 

The initial search for Page was suspended on July 31, a week after Page went missing. 

The full statement from his family is below:

[Monday 7/31]
The Page family shared the following statement with ABC4 Utah Monday evening. 
"On behalf of our family, we would like to publicly thank the West Bountiful Police Department, Box Elder, Tooele, Davis and Utah Counties’ Search and Rescue Units for their incredible efforts to help locate our Dad.
We would also like to express our gratitude to all of the hundreds of volunteers who assisted in the search and rescue efforts. Our family has felt the incredible amount of love and support from so many family and friends.  This testifies to how amazing our Dad was and how many peoples’ lives he impacted.
John was an avid outdoorsman and it was not unusual for him to go out exploring.  An extensive search was launched after it was discovered he was missing.  His vehicle was found on the border of Tooele and Box Elder counties parked, locked and with the sunshade in the windshield. Based on the condition in which the vehicle was found, we assume he was planning a short excursion that morning.
Search and Rescue was immediately called out to the area.  As of Sunday night, several square miles around the vehicle had been thoroughly searched.  Searchers were on foot, plane, helicopter, ATVs, razors and horseback.  Additionally, Search and Rescue had their canine unit out as well as drones in the air.  The search for our Dad was exhaustive and tedious; we left no stone unturned.  However, there was no sign of him.
John was an expert at survival skills.  We know that he would have signaled for help or made his way back to a road if he were able. In conjunction with the Box Elder’s Sheriff Department that Sunday evening, the family agreed to temporarily suspend the organized search efforts so that we could re-group and plan smaller family and friend search parties.
We are not giving up in recovering him and will continue to search until he is found.  We want to bring him home and lay him to rest next to his beloved wife, Linda.  Please continue to pray that our family will be able to gain closure on our heartbreaking loss." --Ronda Page, daughter-in-law.
Several hundred people are searching for John Page, said his daughter-in-law, Ronda Page. 
Police opened the search to the public. The Page family is inviting people to join in the shoulder-to-shoulder search for John. 



Police found John Page's brown truck Saturday afternoon in Box Elder County, said Ronda Page, John's daughter-in-law.

Box Elder, Utah, Davis, Tooele Counties Sheriff's officers are hunting alongside with search and rescue crews primarily in Box Elder County northwest of I-80. They no longer believe he's in Sun Valley in Tooele County. 

Officials said nothing about the truck looked out-of-place. Police believe he left the truck with the intention of going on a hike.  

"We're praying for a miracle at this point," Ronda said. 

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) -- There is a desperate search going on right now in Tooele County for a 72-year-old West Bountiful man who has been missing since Tuesday morning.
Two dozen family members are searching for him. It's day for in the search of John Page. He's an avid outdoorsman who most likely went out exploring and vanished somewhere in Tooele County.
"I just want to find him I want to know where he is. We got to find our dad for us and for our children and grand kids,” said Cherise Terry, Page’s daughter. 
Cherise Terry and Bart Page and their two other siblings have not heard from their dad since late Monday.
Their father was last seen at a Maverick gas station in Centreville. Tooele County Sheriff's Department and search and rescue teams are covering a wide swath after Page's cell phone pinged near Skull Canyon.
Lt. Ron Johnson, Search and Rescue Tooele County Sheriff's Department.
"He likes our area, he likes to hunt for arrowheads and he likes to shoot in some of our areas."
Page is in good health and likes to go shooting and exploring for artifacts.
"He knows how to survive, start a fire with or without matches,” said son, Bart Page. 
A dozen search and rescue folks and 24 family members have been searching around the clock on the ground and in the air.
Search and rescue won't be doing searches on foot until they find page's brown 2005 Ford Explorer. It has a Utah license: Y410YG
Anyone with information regarding Page’s whereabouts please contact the West Bountiful Police Department at 801-298-6000.

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