The Younger You Episode 29: Marinello, Julie

Julie wanted to update her look so the team at Marinello gave her a top-to-toe makeover.

Our resident stylist Nick talks about the importance of dressing for your specific body type. There are five basic body types. Hourglass, rectangle, pear, inverted triangle, and apple. If you have an hourglass body it's best to wear a tailored fit drawing the eye into your waist. With a rectangle body shape it's really important to avoid vertical lines. A-line dresses are best for this body type. Someone with a pear shaped body looks great in something with a drop waist, heels, and lots of layers. If it's too hot outside to wear a jack wear jewelry for layering. The inverted triangle body type looks fantastic in anything strapless. If someone has an apple shaped body tunic length shirts are great and anything that pulls into the smallest part of the body. 

If you have a little black dress that you want to make look more interesting, here are some ways you can do it. A printed bomber jacket, a pop of color, dress it down with sneakers, or add a statement necklace. 

Julie is a 48-year-old mother and grandmother. She feels like she dresses comfortable and lazy. She is ready for a makeover and wants to look good for her husband on their anniversary. She absolutely doesn't want to wear orange. The stylists put her in red and emphasize the importance of wearing clothes that go great with her skin tone. 

Lindsay is the artistic director at Marinello Schools of Beauty. She thinks Julie is hesitant about getting a new hairstyle and hopes that she will trust her and come along for the ride. Julie doesn't want to cut her hair short but that's exactly what Lindsay is going to do. She is also going to add some depth with color blocking. 

In Julie's final reveal she looks amazing. She is excited to show off her look to her husband. You can tell she needs some time to get used to her new hairstyle but she feels younger. 

Contact information for our guest:

Lindsay Gratehouse
Artistic Director at Marinello Schools of Beauty
575 North Main Street
Layton, UT 84041


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