The Younger You Episode 17: Superfoods

Published 05/16 2014 11:18AM

Updated 09/16 2015 04:09PM

Want to feel healthy and more energized? Learn about the superfoods you should add to your diet.

We spoke with our registered dietician, Kayla, all about super foods and how they can be beneficial to our health. A superfood is a food that is nutrient packed. It also doesn't have a lot of calories and is great for your health. Many people don't realize that superfoods are foods that are already in their pantry not just something you have to get in pill form. The thing you want to look for are foods that are rich with anti-oxidants and are low in sugar. 

A great example of a superfood is chia seeds. They are packed with fiber, protein, and vitamin B and can be added to any meal for a boost of nutrients. Almonds are another great example and are so easily accessible. They are rich in fiber and vitamin E. Kale is a great source of fiber, protein, and vitamin K. Lastly something people don't often think about when considering super foods are basil and parsley. Basil helps reduce cholesterol and parsley is a great source of calcium. 

Troy takes us to the grocery store to check out how some people do their shopping. He talks with shoppers Jane and Mary about what they consider to be healthy foods and Kayla helps us decipher what is actually healthy. First of all it's important to not only check the labels but read the ingredients. Although dark chocolate covered pomegranates seem healthy the very first ingredient is sugar. Popcorn can actually be very good for you but again, check the ingredients. Not all popcorn is good, it's best to buy the kind that is air-popped. Kayla also suggest that switch out white bread for whole grain instead. Do you know what's in the foods you're buying?

At the end of the show Chef Kimberly shows us how to whip a delicious superfood packed 4-course meal. She shows us how easy it can be to get the nutrients our bodies need without losing the flavors we crave. 


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