The Younger You Episode 14: Younger You Challenge Part 1

Published 04/24 2014 02:49PM

Updated 09/16 2015 04:07PM

Watch as 5 contestants start their journey to a healthier life with the guidance of the nutritionists and trainers at Total Health and Fitness.

We meet our 5 contestants ready for their 12 week challenge with Total Health and Fitness. April and Mat Allred are both 35. They want to have more energy and get back to where they were physically before having kids. The Cannovo's are both retired and are looking to feel younger, being able to do more of what they used to. Zona is 54 and wants to be healthy and live a long life. Dan is 58 and wants to be able to run up a mountain just because he feels like it. Mat hemmert is 40 and used to be very fit. He wants to get back to that fitness level. 

The plans at Total Health and Fitness are completely customizable. The trainers are available 24/7 for motivation and keeping the contestants on track. They believe in accountability on both ends. Having that accountability helps people stay on track and achieve their fitness goals. Each week the meals and exercise plans are completely planned out to pertain to the specific person. The meal plans are extremely specific including when, what, and how much someone should eat. A person should eat every 2-3 hours and what they eat should depend on upcoming activity level. The goal isn't just to lose weight. The goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. This isn't a fad diet, it's a complete lifestyle change. 

Each contestant will have a personal trainer but they can always turn to David, the lead consultant, if they have any questions. He will even meet them at the grocery store if they can't figure out what they should buy. The program will not be easy but if they follow the plan their trainers give them, they should achieve amazing results. 

Contact information for our guest:

Total Health and Fitness
767 East 12300 South
Draper, UT 84020

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