The "capitol's creepy clown"

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – In the halls of the capitol, there is a truly terrifying image to be found.

Something so sinister, so spooky, so scary, that people are starting to whisper about how evil it truly is.

No. It’s not me.

It's the "capitol's creepy clown."

That's right.

In the Utah Capitol rotunda, just below the sign for the bathrooms and embedded in the Georgia marble wall, is the image of a clown gone wrong.

Ok, so maybe it’s not really a clown.

But it sure looks like one.

In fact, the image so resembles a creepy clown, it was actually pointed out to ABC 4 by no less then a powerful state department head.

And the image is so unusual; the “clown” has now become part of the capitol's guided tour.

We even ran into a tour of kids staring at it Wednesday.

So, consider yourself warned.

The next time you're at the state capitol, you may want to carefully check out the “creepy clown” for yourself.

Or you might just want to watch the accompanying video.


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