Local woman uses her tragedy to help others

LAYTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -Tragedy, it's something we will all experience in our lifetime. But one Layton woman is taking her own personal tragedies and using them to help others. She started a company called Write For Her Scarves. The idea is to wrap someone in inspiration and love when they need it most. Here's Judith Campau's story.

Judith’s company, Write For Her, creates delicate scarves with inspirational messages. As you look at them, you would never think a creation so beautiful could have come from a place of pain. When Campau was just a young girl, she was raped.

"I kind of struggled with moving forward I kind of lost my self confidence my self esteem was out the window," Campau said.

To help her heal, Judith’s doctor encouraged her to write inspiring notes to herself.

“I carried it in my pocket every single day and the point was that every time I touched that pocket, put change in it, take your chap stick out, you would touch that note and think about it," Campau said.

The notes worked. They helped Judith rebuild her confidence. So when her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, Judith knew she had to write something.

"Something that she could have with her. Something that she would be able to feel my love both physically and kind of mentally," she said.

Instead of using paper, Judith wrote her note on a scarf. Her mother-in-law loved it.

"She said to me how much she felt like I was there, that she felt a difference and that she was ok with what was happening," Campau said.

Judith's mother-in-law passed away 2 weeks later. That's when Judith realized she needed to do more with this idea. That’s how Write For Her Scarves were born. The endeavor has full family support.

"I was like that's amazing, you know a lot of people will definitely benefit from it and a lot of people have from what she's done," said Judith’s daughter, Madison.

Madison helps pick scarf colors, she packages them, and she even created a quote based on her family motto. Live. Laugh. Love.

"It’s awesome. It's cool to see people wearing something that you thought of," Madison said.

And now, a year after starting the business, Judith is joining forces with organizations like Safe Haven and the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

"I’m so excited about these that we're going to finally start giving back and women are going to be able to have these scarves when they're going through a really traumatic experience," she said.

Judith's hope is that her scarves will give these women the encouragement she got all those years ago.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute will begin selling Judith’s scarves very soon. If you would like to buy a Write For Her Scarf of your own, click here to go to their website. If you purchase a scarf, for just $10 more, another scarf will be donated to a woman getting treatment Safe Haven or Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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