Could You Be Eating Too Little?

Two months ago, I did a story on fitness gadgets and stumbled across a little nugget of information I never knew. I was starving myself. Not on purpose, I just never knew my fitness baseline so I was eating much less than my body needed.

I obviously wanted to change that and get on the right track, and I’m not alone in that battle. So I began working with Total Health and Fitness and I learned a little personal attention goes a long way.

From the work outs to the consultations, Total Health and Fitness nutrition consultant David Johns knows everything I’ve been doing the past two months. And I mean everything. But that honesty about my meals and activity has paid off.

"You look at someone like yourself and think how can we improve on that, but when we can fine-tune your menu, I mean not only did we provide a variety for you, you didn't feel like you had to eat one specific way we've also helped you drop inches and your body fat percentage," Johns said.

And he’s right. I've lost 2% body fat and I’m still going. But that is nothing compared to what Jennifer Julian has accomplished.

“I’ve lost 35 pounds of body fat and I’m up 5-6 pounds of lean muscle mass," Julian said.

She started the program six months ago after having a few kids, and a hard time losing the extra weight.

"I felt tired and energy less and really big. When I saw pictures of me it was horrifying," Julian said.

Jennifer hadn't been working out or eating right. Her consultant, Wesley Barney, says the food was the first step.

"Well really the eating would be the biggest thing, so getting her on a regimen getting her on a scheduled eating meal plan getting her eating better types of foods more often throughout the day," Barney said.

The goal was to combat her hunger, give her foods she wanted to eat and a schedule of when to eat it.

"It made it easier and I felt liberated," Julian said.

She also felt instantly leaner.

"You know I actually lost 5 pounds of body fat in that first week," she said.

But it was the 6th week where Jennifer really saw a difference. Her endurance increased and her clothes were fitting differently.

"Her attitude is a lot different now you can see when she comes in she comes in like she owns the place now, she knows how to exercise she feels comfortable in the gym," Barney said.

Every week, Jennifer goes in to Total Health and Fitness and gets her body composition measured on a special scale. It shows her fat percentage, lean muscle mass percentage and water content. Every time she steps on the scale, she learns where she has improved, and what her goals will be for the next week.

"Sticking with the plan, you just can't deny the results," she said.

So what *is the plan? Johns says it depends on the person.

"Sometimes for a client it's extremely intricate and it gets down to the nitpicky grams of how we're distributing the calories and carbs for an athlete," he said.

That is what Johns has been doing with me, tweaking my meal plan and work outs each week to keep my body guessing. But for people who are not as active the team takes a different approach.

"For some people it's just teaching them how often they need to snack, what is a protein, what is a carb and along with that we teach them how to exercise as well," Johns said.

That was the route they took with Jennifer and she's very happy with the results.

"It feels great. When I look at pictures of me now versus before, I’m like, that's me, that's what I look like. It's good to be back!"

The most eye opening revelation I had, was that I needed to eat more, not less. Once I did, I lost body fat.

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