4 Generations of Women Go Skydiving

- OGDEN, Utah (Good 4 Utah) - A very special day for a Utah family, as they tried their hand at breaking a world record.

Saturday afternoon, four generations from one family came together to go skydiving!

“When I see something like this happen, then I get the idea that I want to do it,” said 91-year-old Marie Kimmey. ”It's nothing that I live on, but when it happens it's fun to do!”

It was all led by 91-year-old Marie Kimmey, who got the idea to go skydiving after seeing former president George Bush jump out of a plane.

So Kimmey and her children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren came out to the Ogden Airport to get some training, suit up, take off and then jump out of a few different planes.

While 4 generations of one family is pretty special, this is even more so since it was 4 generations of women.

“It kind of feels cool because we did this as a group and it's something that we will remember forever and we can tell our kids and grandkids that look, we did this and so you can do something too,” said Kimmey’s granddaughter Roma Christiansen. “I'm afraid of heights but I conquered it!”

The family believes that this jump actually set a world record for the most generations jumping at one time, so they will submit video of the jump to have it confirmed by Guiness World Records.

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