The Inn Between plans its first memorial service

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Utah's first hospice for the homeless is designed to afford the terminally ill a chance to die with dignity. This weekend, The Inn Between will host its first memorial service for one if its residents. 
On Monday, resident of The Inn Between, 32-year-old Casey Manning lost his battle with cancer.
Casey's sister Amie Putnam sat down with ABC 4 News to talk about what The Inn Between did for her brother. Putnam said, "One of my worst fears was that he would die alone on the street and we would never know."
Putnam says it was anxiety and depression that drove her brother Casey out on to the streets. Last year when he was diagnosed with lukemia he came home to Utah seeking treatment, but even at home he wasn't safe.
"A lot of times he couldn't tolerate treatment and so he'd leave, like we could get him somewhere and then he'd leave," explained Putnam.
His family sometimes not able to find him for weeks. But then came The Inn Between.
"When he came here it meant the world to me because I knew he would be safe, he would have food, shelter all the basics," said Putnam.
Tracy has been a resident of The Inn Between for about a month now, and already it feels like home. "It's kind of too beautiful to be true." Tracy says, while Casey was only at The Inn Between for about a week, he felt it too.
"Basically said the same thing that they couldn't believe this was happening to him and that the house was so open and caring. Yeah he liked it here."
Casey's sister felt it too. Putnam said, "When my sister and I came here to visit him we were just amazed at the feeling of this place, and how warm and accepting they were and that he felt completely at home here. Like, he was just himself again for the first time in a really long time because he was at peace and at home."
A memorial service for Casey Manning will be held at The Inn Between this Sunday at 3 p.m. He wanted it to be a celebration , so his friends and family say there will be Mexican food and drumming. In lieu of flowers, Casey's family hopes people will make donations to The Inn Between. For more information log on to:

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