String of burglaries hitting construction sites puts business owners on edge

ST. GEORGE - (News4Utah) - Police in southern Utah say a string of burglaries are putting business owners on edge after $120,000 of equipment was stolen.

"We've had four business burglaries reported. All of the incidents involve theft of construction type tools. The first incident: The total amount stolen was more than $100,000. And all of this is estimated. It could be worse," said Lona Trombley with St. George police.

Trombley said there are similarities in each burglary.

"They do have a general MO that is similar such as cutting fences and gaining entrance that way, and the items they are taking," said Trombley.

The items range from expensive power tools to screw drivers, and hammers - anything that can be resold.

"With the construction that is happening people need tools to make themselves more attractive for employment. They just might not realize that the reason they're getting those tools for a deal is because they're stolen," said Trombley.

Police are requesting business owners to make their tools recognizable whether it be a business name or engraving.

"Mark them with something that would be easily identifiable, so we can say: Hey, that is stolen from this particular site and we can get it back to you, and also prosecute whoever was in possession of it," said Trombley.

As police continue to investigate, they request anyone with any information or tips to give them a call.

They also recommend writing down serial numbers on equipment, taking photographs to document your possessions and installing security cameras.

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